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# **WITDOM** Protection Orchestrator
This document describes basic setup and usage of **Protection Orchestrator** services, running inside a single *Docker* container.
### **Directories**
- **cloudify:** Integration with Cloudify.
- **integration-tests:** Integration tests (see **Integration** section in this README).
- **resources:** Contains configuration and samples files.
- **Dockerfile:** Deploys the **Protection Orchestrator** using Docker.
- **Makefile:** Deploys Docker container using Makefile.
- **** README file.
- **witdom-core-po.war:** Compiled version of the **Protection Orchestrator**.
### **Description**
This component is in charge of parsing the [**protection configuration**]( of an application and applying it by building the requests to the **protection components** deployed in the trusted domain of **WITDOM** and calling them for:
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