TAG 0.3.0

0.3.0 Carl

Main functionality about supporting Keycloak IDM as support for CI/CD process based on Docker containers (entire configuration has been changed to support that). A part from that, mainly, bug fixing:

  • UPDATED dependences of API service #12
  • NEW unyfied configuration process #17 in order to facilitate Docker containers #18
  • Based on Docker, it has been implemented a CI/CD process #16
  • NEW autherization mechanism based on Keycloack #15 #30 #42 #43
  • NEW improved sessions management #29
  • NEW impvoved errors management with mongo #23
  • NEW Update encrypt_passwords script #31
  • NEW support for an external SMTP
  • NEW mongo authentication mechanism #19
  • FIX forgotten password from a non existing user #33
  • FIX mongo projections with new mongo version #26
  • FIX error deleting subscriptions #25
  • FIX forgotten password with new library version #21
  • FIX Error management for login operations #20

To remark the importance of all changes to support a full CONTAINER'IZED AEON platform. With this release, all the services can be executed with Docker containers. We also provide a CI/CD workflow with automatic deployment in our dev/prod environments. Everything orchestrated with Rancher. It is important to include good tests to complement this process.